Integrity and pragmatic business philosophy, adherence to specifications, customer-oriented quality policy
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  ERP system from product sourcing to make Control Manager Example: Customer sample application, the business needs to open a single sample, referred to quality engineering courses to develop the production of a single product details, including material selection, production conditions, machine settings, special requirements After the relevant parameters, sample preparation by the sample lesson began. After the sample is complete, sign and return with the acknowledgment of the needs of the ministries countersigned combined sample submitted after a single quality assurance manager type ERP thin profile that belongs to all of the conditions customers independent parameters. After the establishment of future customer orders, first aid type followed by a single industry ERP immediately opened for the first time the production of single, through business manager, quality assurance manager, engineering manager, manufacturing vice president, operations vice president, general manager and other departments approved the layers check , countersigned by the health management based on credentials after (the first production orders) directly from the page ERP customers within the specification file directly to the production system to make a single, large production of goods. This omission may be reduced to a minimum, since Sources effective in ensuring product quality. in production, strict test done to establish the first pieces, intermediate inspection (IPQC personnel and automated inspection of semi-finished machine table electrical testing), high-frequency computer points finished the election machine of the full inspection, the final + QA / OQC.